Youth Mental Health

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In today's society, so many people have either experienced bullying themselves or know someone who has been negatively affected by bullying. Our family has experienced bullying firsthand, and because of this, we are inspired to help spread kindness throughout our community – notably through Pink Shirt Day.  


Pink Shirt Day is an internationally-recognized day that promotes small acts of kindness and raises awareness about bullying. Through Pink Shirt Day, we have the opportunity to make positive, lasting change, all while supporting important youth mental health programs and initiatives at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation is working closely with Alberta Health Services (AHS) to develop new services to help young people and their families better identify and manage mental health challenges before they escalate into crises that require hospitalization.

Many important programs and research enhancements are currently provided through the hospital, and even more support will be available at the new Child & Adolescent Mental Health Centre. With your purchase of a T-Shirt, you will be supporting these highly-needed programs for youth in our community. 

Pink Shirt Day

Pink Shirt Day began as a simple act of kindness, demonstrated by youth from a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. Two teenage boys took a stand against classmates who were bullying another boy for wearing a pink shirt. They brought pink shirts for all of the boys in Grade 9 to wear on the same day, to show solidarity with the boy who had been bullied. The movement has now taken off and is recognized across the globe in a show of solidarity.

Pink Shirt Day will be taking place on February 23, 2022. We are selling pink “Choose Kind” T-shirts to participate in this global action against bullying and to spread the message of choosing kindness. 

All funds raised through the sale of the T-Shirts will support youth mental health programs and initiatives at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Together, we can stand up to bullying. Wear a Pink Shirt and pledge to Choose Kind.